"Am I to blame for this hole that I'm in, Trails too long, hope wearing thin"

Just a spec on a sheet, long the day that we meet,
The lips of defeat scare the bones from the meat,
Chronologically frozen in a time zone,
Who’s chosen the most potent form of potion,
To flow like molten,
Life sucks like a vacuum,
In need of a fulcrum,
To harness the calmest artists point of focus,
In case you ain’t noticed, your record is broken,
Do I make you cross like arms that are folded,
Patrol like a warden,
Do I take the piss like a shower that is golden,
I was kind of hoping, hard work is key door please open,
Inspiration sourced from the falls of Eden,
Peaceful like Sweden, till my fort was weakened,
Deceiving, I’m leaving, in need of healing,
Retreating like, the dust in the wind that I’m breathing

~Gbenga the Author~