"So like dynamite we stay lit, Sparking bright minds to excite the night like a pyrotechnic"

“Get straight, ain’t a saint, stained my glass,
Just a man on a path, builds his craft on the tip of a staff,
Hallucinate ain’t safe, I can’t defend faith with my rib cage,

I don’t illustrate I’m a blank page.
Victim to a situation, that broke links in a tight-knit congregation,
I danced a dance with circumstance, weak stance, outstretched like a lance,
In the hand of a knight, attack day, wordplay is foreplay, get wet, like a brolly left set,
Like a body left set, with a split neck,
Should I save myself, save the ship?
Think quick, survivals a sick trick.
Like the bill after a meal, this one’s on me,
I owe an expensive fee,
I’m setting debts, I failed my cadets,
I can’t find the right words for this apology so hang me,
On my last line, as you recall my crime, my only crime is being sublime,
But before you sentence me or judge the character,
Read the entire chapter,
Submerge, dive deep into my story,
To whom exactly is my apology?
The facts are you can’t please everybody
Honestly, I mean that sincerely,

~Gbenga the Author~

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