"As I drown in my misery, throw me a dinghy, No lighthouse, couldn't see, The rocks in the sea"

“Grey skies, black and white like a panda,
Sold you lies, killed your dreams propaganda,
Two left feet, see my timing’s all wrong,
Trying to lead, getting strung along in this tango,
Soldier falls, 
Finely, grounded like an espresso,
How do you roll,
After receiving a beating just like a bongo,
Swollen eyes, can’t see where next to go,
As the lights low,
Curtain calls show,
I’m fighting back these tears,
As they applaud my puppeteers,
I fell from these upper tiers,
Rolling down spiral stairs,
Far from the act, I can hear the distant cheers”

~Gbenga the Author~